Do Pinterest Followers Really Matter?

Doesn’t life feel like a popularity contest somedays?  I thought I would be through with facing popularity when high school was over.

And then social media happened and it some days it feels as if we’re all regressing into that old school (no pun intended) mentality.

The struggle to stand as a blogger in a sea full of influencers and heavy hitters on Facebook Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter is real

The good news?  Not all social media apps are created equal.

The even better news?  Pinterest is NOT a social media app; it is a search engine.

The even BETTER better news?  You don’t need to have a ton of followers to grow your audience via Pinterest.

Repeat:  You do NOT need to have a ton of fans to build your audience via Pinterest.

Do Pinterest followers really matter?  Not really.


It is not Pinterest’s goal to encourage users to have lots of followers to impress others.  In fact, followers don’t matter because Pinterest uses a smart feed which determines the way that Pinterest shows and shares your Pins.

Pinterest’s smart feed works with the following sources:

  1. Repins:  And by repins, I mean by the people and the boards you follow.  So, if you are following people who are pinning categories relevant to your audience, you will see their pins first and often on your feed.   Pinterest will supply you with a constant stream of content for you to fill your boards.
  2. Pin related to your searches:  Pins related to your search items are suggested to you on a regular basis.  For instance, if you are searching for “weight loss recipes,” the next time you sign in to your Pinterest account, you will likely see Pins that relate to the search, and they will be labeled as “picked for you.”  Pinterest takes a lot of the search effort of your shoulders by keeping you immersed in fresh content tailored to what interests you the most!
  3. You see Pins that are performing well, not users who are:  The smart feed enables your Pins to be discovered by the search bar rather than just randomly appearing in your followers feeds.  Before the smart feed algorithm, Pinterest would share your Pins in your followers feeds.  However, with the smart feed, you will see Pins that are performing well by the people you follow as well as Pins relevant to those topics.  So, the goal switches from wanting the content you Pin to perform well so that it gets shared with a larger audience.  People will click and be driven to your blog or website regardless of whether they are following you or if they happen to see your top pins.

So, you do not have to have 100,000 followers to get a significant ROI from your Pinterest efforts.  If you Pin beautiful images and graphics and Pin and Repin often, you will reach drive traffic to your blog or website and grow your email list.  Pinterest is for having fun and planning out the future.  Whether it is a recipe, outfit, or exercise program, Pinterest is there to enrich the users experience personally.

It’s not how big your following is; it’s all about the quality of what you’re putting out there!


Do your metrics show that the number of followers doesn’t impact your traffic and growth via Pinterest?




Out of all of the social media networks, you can use to share your content, Pinterest is the one that will continue to send traffic to your blog or website months (and even years) after you post it to a board. Quite a contrast compared to the shelf life of content on alternative social media sites.

  • 75% of Facebook engagement happens within five hours of posting.
  • Tweets remain visible an average of 18 minutes after posting.
  • Posts made on LinkedIn remain visible for about 24 hours.
  • Snapchat Stories posts can remain visible up to 24 hours
  • Instagram’s algorithm is similar to Facebook’s and depending on the quality of the content, can easily be overlooked by ‘fast scrolling’ – 75% of the posts reach users within 48 hours of posting.
  • Whereas with Pinterest, pins can be repinned, shared, and optimized using keywords giving them the longest and most effective shelf life of all social media channels.

In fact, when you create boards and pin content to Pinterest, the power and reach your pins have are determined not just be when you post them, but by their quality and the content that interests people most. Remember, Pinterest is a not just a social media network; it is a search engine and has optimization capabilities through the use of keyword-rich descriptions.

Three ways you can increase Pinterest repins and shares

  1. Create evergreen content (content that will always stay relevant to your audience); you can continue to attract people searching for information within your niche.For example,  if you’re a health and fitness blogger you could create rich pins with effective workouts because exercise benefits will not change and they remain relevant to your current (or prospective) audience.  The benefits of morning workouts will continue to be the same over time and will content will also remain relevant to people looking to keep healthy and fit.How to increase Pinterest Repins and Shares
  2.  Stay up to date with current Pinterest trends.  In my last post, I talked about the explore trending tool to help find relevant pins for your niche.  Current trends are appealing to users who are already following you as well as people who are new to Pinterest.For example, look at apparel brand H&M’s Pinterest account.  Fashion must always be on trend, but one of the top boards they update is their board H&M Loves Music – which is all about finding stylish looks for the upcoming music festival season.  By engaging with a specific section of their audience, while also promoting new looks in store, they can merge content to reach even further into their audience both new and existing.
    How to increase Pinterest Repins and Shares
  3. Create Pinterest-friendly images on your website or blog.  Combining steps one and two as well as having a Pin it! plugin as well as captivating and mobile-ready images on your blog or website so that your audience can easily share links to your content.  Pinterest-friendly images typically are:
  • Use beautiful photos.  If you don’t have beautiful photos at the ready, try using a service like to find professional photos you can customize by using programs like Canva and PicMonkey.
  • Be sure to add a title to your image and place it the description.
  • Also, add the title into the HTML (image title attribute) of your post photos.
  • Make your images tall and thin.  The pins that get the most love use a tall and long format, like this one:
    How to increase Pinterest Repins and Shares

Add these tips and suggestions into your Pinterest strategy and watch your repins, shares, and follows grow.  It may not happen overnight, but with consistent effort, you will see your analytics tell a new and exciting story.

How to increase Pinterest Repins and Shares

Do you use any of these methods in your current Pinterest marketing efforts?  If you’re interested in working with me to grow your Pinterest presence, contact me at



5 Methods for Using a Pinterest for Business Account

If you’re a business and not on Pinterest, you’re missing an opportunity to draw in new audience members each day.

As of January this year, Pinterest draws in over 150 million users each month with 70 million of them being within the US alone.  There are over 50 billion (yes, billion –Dr. Evil voice) pins and over 1 billion Pinterest boards are showcasing those pins.  Over 80% of Pinterest users are women, though men are signing up at a fastly growing rate (about 40% of all new accounts sign-ups). Oh, and Millenials are using Pinterest as much as Instagram and Facebook.

So, based on numbers alone, you can see that Pinterest gets a lot of attention and is a wonderful way to promote your business or service to a large and diverse audience.

If your business is not on Pinterest yet, you may be wondering what some of the benefits are for building a presence on the site.

Some background on what Pinterest is.  Pinterest is unlike other social media sites in that it is a search engine and it offers a real-time engagement experience whether it is for learning more about services, retail goods, or picking up butter for a famous cookie dough recipe.  It seems that there isn’t much you can’t search for on Pinterest and that means increased traffic and conversions for your inbound marketing approach.

So, here are 5 methods for using a Pinterest for Business account

  1. Create great pins and the strategy to build with them.   Do you want to drive your website traffic?  Increase your sales conversion?  Increase meaningful engagement with your customer base?  Pinterest for business can help you reach these goals through the use of compelling graphics, use of rich pins, and promotion.  Pins that get noticed include warm colors, specific sizes, text overlays, and detailed descriptions.  Using tools like Canva, PicMonkey, and Photoshop can help you to create beautiful pins.  My Pinterest VA and Management packages can help you create pins as well as the strategy to go with them.  Get in touch!
  2. Be a pinning socialite.  If you haven’t already, install a Pin It! Button on your website so that your visitors can easily pin or save every image on your site or blog.  You can also install a “Follow Me on Pinterest” widget to gain new followers and acquire a new place to creatively (and frequently) engage with your audience.  Another great way to flex the pinning social life muscles is to promote other pinners to increase visibility and engagement for your brand.  You can promote by tagging pinners within your pin descriptions.
  3. Give away some content!  Do you have an eBook, podcast, or blog post you think would be particularly perfect for your target audience?  Provide a link to this item in your pin description to give people viewing them a place to go to get more content and information about your business or service.
  4. Showcase your multimedia in a pin. Interactive pins are hot right now, so if your business or service has a helpful podcast, demo, or tutorial to engage your audience with – add it to a pin.
  5. Use feedback to your advantage.  Once you have verified your website to your Pinterest business account, you can begin to utilize your the analytics feature.  With the data you retrieve off of this built-in tool, you can see the bigger picture of how Pinterest is working for you.  The information you can gather from Pinterest analytics will bring everything full circle as being “in the know” will help mold your ongoing growth strategy.

There are loads of other ways that Pinterest for business can assist in growing your brand, but just trying on these five steps will help you to incorporate Pinterest into your overall marketing effort.

Do you use Pinterest for business?  What benefit or features do you receive from Pinterest that have helped you to grow your brand?